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This directory is for the entire radio amateur community so that they have knowledge of where the repeaters are located, who is the trustee, the coordinated frequency, type of repeater, what is its tone or color, slot, talkgroup and the mode in which the repeater operates .

This legend will help you understand the directory of coordinated repeaters in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands


A = análogo 


D = digital


C = coordinado


V = validado


E = evaluación


R = reparación

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US Band Charts   
Emergency Freq​​​​.

white and brown concrete buildings near sea under white clouds during daytime

Telecommunications Bureau for emergency situations

Do you want to belong to the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Talent Bank?

Below you will find what you need so you can enter the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Bank.

Enviar a  y Se requiere la presentación de foto y licencia.

Forma de Inscripción - Banco de Radioaficionados (pdf)

Información Banco de Radioaficionados de PR

The Telecommunications Bureau's amateur radio bank is expanded for emergency situations

The NET signed a mutual cooperation agreement with the Amateur Radio Alliance organization that will allow it to expand its members to provide communications support services during emergency situations.

The Telecommunications Bureau was designated as the lead agency for the emergency communications support function, or Emergency Support Function #2, within the State Emergency Management Plan. The NET is responsible for restoring communications infrastructure, facilitating systems recovery, and coordinating federal, state, and local communications support during emergency incidents.

Established to provide communications support services during emergency situations in Puerto Rico.​